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    Front Top Dump Truck Hydrau...

    Advantages of Front Top Dump Truck Hydraulic System

  • The vehicle is at the center of the heart, and the stability of the vehicle is good and can be the same as that of the truck

  • The structure through the multi-level cylinder straight push the front of the car to achieve the purpose of unloading, lifting tonnage, center of gravity stability, high safety factor

  • Lifting system only lifting the cylinder without other parts, lifting stability is good

  • The structure is very simple, easy installation and maintenance

  • Designers do need to check the problem of overhead and chassis interference, greatly improving the product development speed

  • Hydraulic system pressure is small, hydraulic components will not be damaged due to high pressure, hydraulic system life is longer, hydraulic system failure rate is very low

  • This structure can meet the requirements of customers for the length of the carriage

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